a front lawn tree illuminated by outdoor lights
Photo: Courtesy of Osram Sylvania
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Landscape Features

Got a great garden? Flaunt it at night. By combining low-voltage lighting with accent lighting you can create afterdark excitement and deter trespassers. "Lighting selected sections and contrasting light with dark is more pleasing to the eye than indiscriminately bathing the entire backyard in light," says Ian Ibbitson, vice president/general manager at Architectural Landscape Lighting in Santa Ana, California.

Select a primary focal point—something substantial like a tree or garden structure—and a couple of secondary areas of emphasis. To illuminate them, use floodlights attached to in-ground poles or hung from an eave, wall, fence or other elevated location (just don't put lights where they could interfere with tree pruning or where they are extremely difficult to reach to change the bulbs). But you can also use recessed well lights with swivel heads aimed at the object of affection.

Shown: Illuminate large trees or structures with spot- and floodlights positioned above or below their subject.
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