walkway stairs lit up at night
Photo: Courtesy of Progress Lighting
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Walkways and Steps

To guard against falls, even, overlapping pools of light from low-voltage fixtures are best for illuminating the full run of pathways and steps. Here, as on the driveway, staggered rather than parallel fixtures will help avoid a runway look. Popular fixture choices for these locations include ground-hugging bollard lights, mushroom lights and shaded tier lights. All of these low-voltage fixture types are available in a range of styles, from no-frills utility models to hand-crafted works of art. Ground stakes and support "stems" are often sold separately from the fixture, letting you coordinate the height of the lights with the terrain.

Shown: Choose from bollards, shaded tier or mushroom fixtures to light steps and walkways evenly. Stagger them on either side of the path to avoid a runway look.
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