exterior lighting for a driveway
Photo: Courtesy of Progress Lighting
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Driveway and Garage

A 7- to 8-foot-tall post lantern at a driveway entrance is a useful landmark to help visitors and emergency vehicles find your home after dark. It isn't necessary, though, to light up the entire length of the approach—the headlights of your car will take care of that. For most driveways, a few low, shaded low-voltage spreadlights will suffice to define the limits of the pavement. A tactic that's good for wooded driveways is to mount downlights in the trees, making sure the light is focused on the edge of the roadbed, not into the driver's eyes.

When illuminating a long, straight drive, "minimize the airport-runway look by staggering shielded path lights that provide a hidden, rather than noticeable, light source," says Stefano Caposecco, a certified lighting consultant and technical director of Sea Gull Lighting in Riverside, New Jersey. Position the lights about a foot from the edge of the drive, along one or both sides.

Shown: Balance the outdoor-lighting scheme with coordinated fixtures marking the driveway, garage and entry.
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