Holiday kitchen remodel
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Christmas Kitchen Chaos

"We had 50 of our closest relatives coming over for christmas, and my wife decided she wanted to redo the kitchen: new ceiling, walls, painting cupboards granite countertops. I was too cheap to pay for an installer. You would think, as I head toward my middle 50s, that I would have figured out the things I am or am not capable of doing. Well, I haven't.

"I found a real deal on two eight foot pieces of granite at a local bargain store for the counters. Sure, they needed to be cut down to fit, but at such a discount, I assured my wife, we could afford to buy a few specialty tools. 'Do you know how to cut holes in granite?,' she asked. 'Sure, I watched several videos on and that pretty much makes me an expert! Besides, how hard could it be?' was my reply.

"To make a long story short, we did get the countertop in, but I have three friends that won't even pick up the phone when I call. Everyone at the holiday gathering loved the new countertop, although the paint on the upper cabinets was still wet and the lights to the kitchen were hardwired without a switch. But, hey! It got done. Kind of."

Bob W.
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