Christmas tree problem
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Trifling Trees

"The first year we were married, we rented an old house. That Christmas we had our first real tree, but because there was no insulation or gravity heat, we used a kerosene heater. The heater made the living room so warm that it made the sap flow and a ton of disgusting gnats came out."

Becky M.
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"We bought a fresh-cut tree for Christmas. After decorating it, it quit taking up water and the needles started falling off. We removed all decor, took it back, and got another tree. Redecorated. All was well. Got all the packages under it and a few days later started to notice webs. The tree was full of spider mites. We then saw that all the packages were dotted with spider mite poop. We rewrapped a hundred gifts, undecorated the tree again, and returned tree #2 along with it's nasty bugs. Finally, we just picked up a $200 artificial tree. Never again will I bring a real tree into my house. Worst holiday season ever!"

Robin V.
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