Flooding accident
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Festive Flood

"'Twas the night before our firstborn college freshman was to return home for the holidays! We were so excited, especially me! The Christmas tree was up and decorated in the downstairs family room, the gifts placed carefully under the tree, just in time for his expected homecoming the next day. Early in the morning, my husband headed downstairs to the family room and I heard "Oh no!" (or maybe an expletive), and I thought he must have stubbed his toe! Wrong! As I peeked down the stairway I saw him standing in water! The hose that leads to the outside of the house from the water treatment canister had frozen solid and it had backed up into the house. We now had a flood on the tile floor and carpeted area, creeping towards the gifts! Instead of coming home to a peacful welcoming scene, upon arrival, my son had to help rip out damaged carpet, sodden padding, and anything else that got destroyed! I don't know how I survived the stress of it all! The room remained torn apart until just this past fall, when we replaced the entire floor with engineered wood. Looking forward to a disaster-free holiday season!"

Candace H.
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