Quillin home after redo
Photo: Howard Digital
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After the Photoshop Redo

Picking up one of the brick colors, he wrapped upper sections in light-green siding to help it feel less heavy. The major addition, however, is the neighborly new porch, kitted out with Craftsman columns supporting a proud new gable. A wider gable ties the porch to the garage and works with the structure’s intended horizontal design. But that change highlighted the height above the garage, so Mann added a metal shed roof to interrupt this vertical element. "The gables are critical to reinventing this house because it had no street presence," he says. Now it does. "It looks great!" says Romina. "We love the splash of color and what he did with the siding. We never would have thought of that."

Note: Peeling off the tan veneer gives the new siding a natural border in line with the existing brick windowsill.
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