Salvaged sheathing
Photo: Keller+Keller
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Kitchen Floorboards and Sheathing: Box Beams and Wainscoting

Most of the old kitchen floor was pulled up, and an exterior wall was taken down, resulting in a stack of pine floorboards, subflooring, and sheathing in various widths and lengths. Tom and his crew looked the pieces over for cracks, checking, and warping. The keepers were set aside so that nails can be removed and surface debris sloughed off with coarse sandpaper. "We want to retain a rustic look, so we won't go too far," says Tom. The material is finding its way into several projects.

Shown: To hide new pipes that run alongside an exposed beam in the kitchen ceiling, Tom proposed boxing them in with old wood. Joe and Becky liked the idea so much that he's now building faux box beams to install where the ceiling lacks them.
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