Read This Before Sanding

Bona Recoat System

Hardwood floors that haven't been properly maintained will often require total refinishing, including the time-consuming, messy step of sanding down to bare wood. Depending on the state of the floor, Bona Recoat now has a better option, which happens in three steps:
1) Apply Bona Remover to loosen and remove contaminants from the surface.
2) Use Bona Rinse to thoroughly clean the floor and prep it for the topcoat finish.
3) Refortify the floor by applying Bona Traffic wood finish.
The company says this will effectively fill surface scratches, restore the sheen and luster to the floor, and create a durable, protective wear layer. It says something that this is the only recoat system in the industry guaranteed to adhere to the floor when properly applied.

About $1.25—to $2 per square foot; Bona
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