Stylish Staircases

Ascendings Contemporary Stair Systems

These striking, custom-built staircases are unlike any standard stairs we've seen. There are no stringers, for starters. Instead, the treads fit between unique riser blocks cut from 1¼-inch-thick aluminum, and the assemblage is bolted together with compression spacers. The system works by transferring the load from one aluminum riser to the next without putting undue stress on the treads, creating steps that appear to float from one floor to the next without any means of support. Ascendings can custom build staircases for the trickiest of locations, including angled and curved ones. The treads are typically made of wood or metal, but the company is looking into a glass option. Railings can be fabricated from stainless-steel rods, wood, or taut cables.

About $35,000 for straight, 13-step staircase; Ascendings
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