Phil Spector’s house
Photo: Mel Bouzad/ Getty Images
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Phil Spector’s House
Alhambra, California

Eccentric music producer Phil Spector's Gothic-style, 33-room mansion is where B-list movie actress Lana Clarkson spent her last hours on February 3, 2003. Spector—the inventor of the "Wall of Sound" music-producing technique and the force behind songs by the Beatles, Ike and Tina Turner, and more—invited Clarkson to his 8,686-square-foot mansion, known as Pyrenes Castle, after the two met at a club. After a trial that would reveal Spector's wild history of gunplay, misogyny, and child abuse, the music mogul was convicted of Clarkson's murder. Spector is currently serving a sentence of 19 years to life and will be 88 years old before becoming eligible for parole. The house at 1700 South Grandview Drive is currently valued at about $2.2 million.
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