Gianni Versace House Miami, site of murder
Photo: Marice Cohn Band/Miami Herald/MCT/via Getty Images
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Versace House
Miami, Florida

Famed fashion designer Gianni Versace was shot on the steps of his Miami home, the last victim in a 3-month, 5-victim killing spree by Andrew Cunanaan back in 1997. The house at 1116 Ocean Drive was built in 1930 and modeled after the 1510 estate of Christopher Columbus' family in the Dominican Republic. After it fell into a state of disrepair, Versace bought the place for about $2.9 million in 1992, and refurbished the property, making it the 26,000-square-foot estate is today.

A telecommunications mogul now holds the deed, which serves as a luxury hotel. You can stay in one of Versace's suites for off-season nightly rates of $1,200 and peak-season nightly rates of $3,995. You can also tour the property for about $65.
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