Trick-or-Treat Murder House
Photo: Larry Harnisch, Los Angeles Times
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Trick-or-Treat Murder House
Los Angeles, California

The 1957 murder of hair stylist Peter Fabiano was like something out of a Hollywood movie. Fabiano's estranged wife, Betty, convinced her alleged lover, Joan Rabel, to arrange a Halloween hit on her husband after Betty lodged bitter complaints of abuse at his hand. Rabel recruited Goldyne Pizer to pull the trigger. On Halloween night, Pizer donned a mask, rang Peter Fabiano's doorbell on Community Street, and shot him in the chest just as he answered. Rabel and Pizer were both charged with second-degree murder in 1958. Betty Fabiano was never charged and went on to live a full life in Riverside County until she died in 1999. The 7,650-square-foot L.A. home on Community Street still stands, and last sold in 1980 for just $112,000.
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