Crandall-Amos house
Photo: Jeff Schrier, The Saginaw News
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Crandall-Amos House
Saginaw, Michigan

This modest 879-square-foot Cape has been the setting for two unrelated homocides. In 1990, 69-year-old Joyce C. Crandall was shot and stabbed multiple times, and later discovered by a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer. Timothy Granderson, a neighbor's son who did odd-jobs around the house for Crandall, was charged with the murder. Then in 2009 homeowner Barnell Amos and 9-year-old houseguest Devin Elliot were shot during a late-night robbery. These latter murders remain unsolved, and the 3-bedroom house sits vacant. If it is someday listed for sale, Michigan state property disclosure laws do not require agents to share the home’s history with buyers.
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