Handy Candy Table salvage style DIY Halloween Party Decoration
Photo: Tria Giovan
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Handy Candy Table

Grab a treat at your own risk! A motion-sensing mummy hand pokes out of a $25 vintage-leather travel case filled with gooey gummy worms and eyeball gumballs. Lift the lid and the mummy's fingers start to twitch. The table the case rests on is actually an old wood step stool with a hinged top, scavenged at a junk shop for $40. Pumpkins and gourds of different shapes, colors, and sizes make an artful arrangement on its rungs. The blackboard hung on the wall above is the front of an antique oak medicine cabinet that's been reworked to organize entryway clutter (there are key hooks and mail cubbies inside) and, in this case, tempt party guests to grab a little candy.

Find the step-by-step to make this blackboard cabinet in This Old House Salvage-Style Projects.
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