Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd

"After seeing an amazing live performance of Sweeney Todd last year, I knew I had to carve a Sweeney Todd pumpkin this year. After printing a few pictures of the Sweeney Todd movie poster from online, I sketched the face onto the pumpkin with magic marker. (I don't use patterns.) When I was satisfied with the sketch, I went over it with a Sharpie. As far as carving goes, I decided to go primal and use only hand tools. Although I've used a Dremel in the past, the flesh of my pumpkin was as tender as butter and I was afraid a Dremel would shred it. I used traditional sculpting tools (used for clay) and some not so traditional: an old X-Acto knife, a metal skewer and at one point, a dental pick!"

Autumn F.
Signal Mountain, TN

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