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Uncle Frank Brings His Hungry Dog

Dogs and turkey are a good match—for the dog, that is. When you're in full roasting production, a smart pooch will be at your feet, waiting for something to fall his way. As much as you might love him, it's not safe to share holiday treats with him. Poultry bones and fruit seeds or cores are choking hazards for dogs, and many other common holiday foods, such as grapes, raisins, nutmeg, and chocolate, are toxic. See our guide to How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly for more on doggy dangers.

Your best bet is to keep this friendly guest contained away from the kitchen and eating areas. A dog gate would be great, but you probably don't have time to build your own. Instead, put together a makeshift barricade using some extra chairs lashed together with rope or bungee cord. Weigh them down with large books to make them harder for the dog to push through.
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