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A Chair Needs Repair

You're setting up the table, the guests will be arriving in a few hours, and you just now notice that one of your dining chairs is dangerously wobbly. Quick—get out the wood glue. If you have it, a fast-drying, yellow wood polyvinyl acetate glue is your best bet. But in a pinch, a white craft glue, like Elmer's Glue-All, will do. (Just save that chair for, how should we say it, a more svelte guest). Apply glue until it starts to seep out when you secure the joints and wipe away excess right away. Set the leg or loose stretcher in place, and clamp the piece together. If you don't have a band clamp, use rope or a large belt. To be safe, let the piece dry overnight, or at least an hour or more. For more on fixing wobbly chairs, see Tighten Loose Chair Legs and Using a Tourniquet Clamp.

Last-minute shopping item: Polyvinyl acetate glue (yellow wood glue)
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