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Guests Get Stranded

Should the weather go bad while you're busy feeding the hordes, you may find yourself with a surprise slumber party and an insufficient number of beds. No worries: That's what couches are for. Of course, couches are notoriously lumpy, and you may have only one or two. Here's how to make the most of them.

Remove any back cushions, which will leave the seat almost as wide as a twin bed. Lay a thin blanket or quilt over the base cushions, and tuck it in all around to bridge the gaps and smooth out lumps. Now make this "bed" with twin sheets and a blanket, smoothing and tucking the fitted sheet tightly around the cushions so that it doesn't bunch up. Add a pillow and you're all set. Let small children sleep on the discarded back cushions, and you've doubled your available beds.
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