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The Range Breaks

The kitchen range is command central at a holiday dinner. It roasts the turkey, bakes the pies, and keeps casseroles warm. But if it goes down before your bird is golden brown, you're in a pickle. What to do? Don't even think about trying to find a repairman. Try knocking on some doors along the block to see if someone will lend you a spot in their oven. But if you can't rely on the kindness of neighbors, head straight for Plan B: Divide and conquer.

• Put the bird on the grill. Yes, you can cook a turkey on the grill; here are some great ideas from If your grill isn't large enough, consider pre-slicing your bird and cooking it that way.

• You can bake some of your desserts using your grill, too. Lower the flame or wait for the coals to die down, grab the oven thermometer, and keep an eye on the temperature with the lid closed. (Note: This won't work well with cakes that have to rise.)

• Stick the small stuff in the toaster oven and the microwave. You may not even realize your microwave has a convection setting, but that will work best for savory nonmeat items. Not sure how to work this unfamiliar feature? Go to the manufacturer's website or to find the owner's manual.

Last-minute shopping item: Charcoal (or a propane-tank refill) and an oven thermometer
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