Gas-Powered Blower Vac ECHO ES-255

Every blower vac claims it can push leaves into piles and grind them into confetti. The Echo actually lives up to the promise, thanks largely to four steel blades that instantly reduce wet and dry leaf volume by 12 to 1. In blower mode, the easy-start 2-cycle engine smoothly cranks out 342 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air: plenty of power to clean up a yard with a handful of trees. That said, using it—or any handheld blower—longer than 30 minutes gets tiring. We ran it full tilt for about an hour before the fuel tank needed a refill.

Fine print: Blower speed: 342 cfm at 155 mph. 70 decibels (dB).

About $330, 9.7 pounds;
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