Tom Silva installs a storm window
Photo: Keller and Keller
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2. Add Storm Windows

Old single-pane windows leak copious amounts of air, which makes for chilly drafts come winter. By installing triple-track storms, you can dramatically reduce air infiltration and protect those lovely wavy-glass panes from the elements.

Measure carefully to determine whether you can use standard-size storms or need to custom order. When you're ready to install, position the unit in the window opening to check fit. Clean the window's exterior frame and trim. Apply a bead of elastomeric caulk on the back of the storm's surrounding fins, at the top and sides. Do not caulk the bottom of the storm: Moisture needs to drain through the pre-drilled weep holes. Position the storm unit in the window frame, pushing up snug at the top, and secure with screws. Adjust the storm's built-in bottom extender bar to rest on the sill.

Storms cost a fraction of replacement windows, $60 to $110 compared with $300 to $700, and yield energy savings of 13 percent (21 percent with low-e storms).
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