Exterior of the Matthers home after photoshop redo
Illustration: Howard Digital
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Pulling in Vintage Detail

"I wanted to introduce some points of interest," Hiller says. Drawing from early-20th-century design details that wouldn't overpower the house, he added a front porch trimmed with cottage-inspired stonework, plain columns, and a gabled roof supported by a Craftsman-style truss. Wood steps lead to a welcoming brick path, and a divided-light front door matches the windows. Custom shutters and a window box add more charm. "It's just about giving a focus to the front of the building," Hiller sums up. The design certainly captured Christine's full attention. "Well, the house is just as cute as can be," she says. "It would definitely be fun to do the porch."

Shown: The new porch gable gets an open truss to let light shine through.
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