Troy-Bilt electric powered leaf blower for review
Photo: Courtesy of Troy-Bilt
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Troy-Bilt TB125QS

Type: Electric blower-vac
Blower rating: Good
Vacuum rating: Good
Impeller blade: Plastic

Balance and comfort: The only model to have an auxiliary top handle, similar to one you'd find on a circular saw, but it is hard and undersized. For a large unit, it is well balanced when used as a blower, but the bag is small and awkwardly placed, so everything is off balance when sucking up leaves.

Overall: Features a switch between the blower and vacuum modes; there's no need to stop and swap out components. A lever-controlled paddle redirects the airflow, though neither the paddle nor the lever feel durable. This tool's main flaw is its bulk; most of it is in the joined vacuum-and-blower-tube assembly, which can't be removed easily for storage. The vacuum tube obscures the blower tube, and that's frustrating for anyone who likes to see the end of the blower. The built-in extension-cord holder can't accommodate a 14-gauge extension cord. The patio-head attachment included in the kit works well on flat surfaces but doesn't seem durable. The bag's weight is carried on the tube. This is the heaviest of the tools tested and has the smallest bag capacity. Note that Troy-Bilt measures blower cfm at the housing, which yields a bigger cfm number than measurements taken at the tube end. (All the other blowers in this test take their cfm ratings at the tube end.)

Specs: 13.6 pounds. 12 amps. Maximum blower speed/volume: 150 mph at tube end/425 cfm at housing. 66 dB at 50 feet. 10:1 mulching ratio. .93-cubic-foot bag. Two-year warranty.

About $90; Troy-Bilt
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