Toro gas powered leaf blower for review
Photo: Courtesy of Toro
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Toro 51984

Type: Gas blower-vac
Blower rating: Very good
Vacuum rating: Excellent
Impeller blade: Steel

Balance and comfort: Needs improvement. The bulky housing on the right side of the handle makes this unit uncomfortable for left-handed users. In blower mode it tends to rotate toward the user more than most. In vacuum mode the exhaust is directed toward the user, and the muffler becomes very hot and is uncomfortably close to one of the handles. Overall: The Toro is one of the least-expensive models to include a metal impeller, and it includes an easy-to-read sticker that walks you through the starting process.

Specs: 9.7 pounds. 25.4 cc. 16-ounce fuel tank. Maximum blower speed/volume at tube end: 160 mph/420 cfm. 70 dB at 50 feet. 10:1 mulching ratio. 1.5-cubic-foot bag. Three-year warranty.

About $140; Toro
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