Ryobi gas powered leaf blower for review
Photo: Courtesy of Ryobi
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Ryobi RY09053

Type: Gas blower-vac
Blower rating: Very good
Vacuum rating: Good
Impeller blade: Plastic

Balance and comfort: The hard handle could use some cushioning to make it more comfortable. In use, this machine rotates to the left quite strongly.

Overall: The entry-level-priced Ryobi is a capable blower but is limited as a vacuum. For instance, the plastic impeller was stopped by a dime-size branch, and the position of the vacuum bag is uncomfortable; the user has to remove the tube from the housing to dump the bag's contents.

Specs: 9.5 pounds. 26 cc. 13-ounce fuel tank. Maximum blower speed/volume: 150 mph/400 cfm. 70 dB at 50 feet. 12:1 mulching ratio. 1.5-cubic-foot bag. Three-year warranty.

About $100; Ryobi
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