Husqvarna gas powered leaf blower for review
Photo: Courtesy of Husqvarna
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Husqvarna 125BVx

Type: Gas blower-vac
Blower rating: Excellent
Vacuum rating: Very good
Impeller blade: Steel

Balance and comfort: The abundance of rubber on the handle makes this blower very comfortable to hold. The narrow profile of the housing allows you to hold your arm at a natural position, rather than away from your body to accommodate a bulky housing.

Overall: This is the only blower tested that comes with flat and round tube tips, which affect the air's velocity, not the volume. The flat nozzle is for pushing leaves around the lawn; the lower-velocity round tip is for clearing them out of corners. The length of the blower nozzle can be adjusted to suit your height, a nice feature that should be standard on all blowers. Converting to vacuum mode is easy, and the vacuum-bag tube sits at a comfortable angle, but the small metal impeller blade didn't perform as well as bigger ones. The 125BVx is easy to start.

Specs: 9.6 pounds. 28 cc. 16.91-ounce fuel tank. Maximum blower speed/volume at tube end: 170 mph/425 cfm with flat nozzle, 130 mph/425 cfm with round nozzle. 70 dB at 50 feet. 16:1 mulching ratio. 2.2-cubic-foot bag. Two-year warranty.

About $190; Husqvarna
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