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Kitchen Faucet Vitals

What's the cost?
Cast-brass faucets start at roughly $200, and the cost of a high-end stainless-steel faucet tops out around $2,500. Prices depend on the faucet's material, design, and finish.

Install it yourself or hire a pro?
A kitchen faucet is the simplest type to install. But call a pro if working on your back inside a cabinet isn't your cup of tea.

How long will it last?
A faucet should work for a decade or longer. The finish may wear out first. Most brass and stainless-steel faucets made in the U.S. and Europe have lifetime warranties on parts; some warranties cover finishes, too. Plastic or zinc faucets may conk out in as little as five years.

What care is needed?
Wipe down with a soft cloth, warm water, and a gentle liquid dish soap. To preserve the finish, don't use abrasives or ammonia.

Supply lines:
Connect to the house's hot and cold water pipes.
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