Pro-grade range oven
Photo: Jean Allsopp
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The Pros (and Cons) of a Pro-Grade Range

It tops many a kitchen remodeler's wish list, but is a high-firepower cooker really the right choice for you?

• Burners can put out two to three times the BTUs with controls that go from simmer to sear.
• 20-plus-year life expectancy
• Heavy-duty all-stainless-steel construction
• Comes in many standard sizes; widths of 24 to 60 inches.
• Handsomely styled showpiece

• Needs a 10-inch duct (versus the usual 7-inch) for a high-power vent hood to whisk away that extra heat.
• Costly parts and service calls
• Can weigh more than 900 pounds, requiring extra support in floors.
• May stand out 4 inches beyond typical counter depth.
• $5,000–$10,000 sticker price
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