Nicolussi kitchen cabinets after the remodel
Photo: Julian Wass
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Washed Blue

General contractors Eric and Kevin McNerney got busy implementing the homeowners' vision of a traditional kitchen—with a few tweaks. The McNerneys relocated the bath, leveled the floor, rearranged doorways and windows, and neatly finished cabinets with molding and fluted panels. "It was tricky getting it all to work," says Eric, referring to a counter angled to smooth traffic flow, subway tile installed diagonally in a herringbone pattern, and a heat register hidden in the toekick. Pale granite countertops and porcelain floor tile contribute to the room's welcoming look, but what really stands out are the cabinets, washed with a blue finish and warmed up with brown glaze. "We knew we could do white," says Christopher, "but I'm so glad we did something different. We love it."

Shown: Reeded glass panels lit from behind set off dishware and brighten the space. These panels add the look of stacked cabinets at much less cost.

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