Remodeled Nicolussi kitchen
Photo: Julian Wass

Fresh Flair

Traditional doesn't have to mean predictable. When Christopher Nicolussi and Francis Devlin bought their 1880s foursquare in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, they knew they wanted a roomier kitchen for cooking and entertaining, finished to fit their style as well as the rest of the house. Previous owners had carved out a rental unit, turning the original coal-stove kitchen with its sadly sloped floor into a makeshift knotty-pine cook space for tenants. Architect Mark Pavliv suggested siting the new kitchen there but enlarging the space by annexing an adjacent bath and opening up a back staircase that had been walled off.

Shown: Co-owner Christopher Nicolussi. Enlarged and rebuilt to fit in lots of cabinets and prep space, add more light, and improve traffic flow, the kitchen is a more natural fit for the now-single-family house.
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