Front view of the Bedford Homestead and the Page family
Photo: Keller + Keller

Historic Connection

Joe and Becky Titlow never questioned the details they'd read about their historic clapboard home in Bedford, Massachusetts, the subject of the fall 2011 season of This Old House TV. All the history books say that the house, known as the Nathaniel Page homestead, was built around 1687 by Mr. Page himself, whose grandson, Nathaniel Page III, was a flag bearer during the Revolutionary War. And it's listed on the National Register of Historic Places with a 1687 construction date. "These are all reliable sources. We figured the experts had done their homework," says Becky.

Shown: Joe and Becky Titlow in front of the Nathaniel Page homestead, which they've called home since 2007. The oldest structure is in front, and there have been two additions, a rear one in the 1800s and one on its west side in 2004. The Titlows are updating the kitchen in the rear addition and adding a family room and a new entry.
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