perennial rain garden with plants notated
Photo: William Wright
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A Mixed Perennial Garden

With familiar garden favorites that flower yellow, blue, and purplish-pink and provide season-long interest, you might not know this was a rain garden but for its basin shape, off-street siting, and patch-of-gravel overflow outlet.

1. 'Moonshine' Yarrow
2. 'Hidcote' English Lavender
3. Purple Coneflower
4. 'Blue Star' Juniper
5. 'Stella de Oro' Daylily
6. Tufted Hair Grass

Not Pictured:
7. Nepeta
8. Pacific Ninebark
9. Red-twig Dogwood
10. 'Ice Dance' Japanese Sedge
11. Yellow-Eyed Grass
12. Low Oregon Grape
13. 'Silver Knight' Heather
14. 'Kobold' Blazing Star
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