symetrical rain garden with plants notated
Photo: William Wright
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A Garden for Symmetry and Color

Anchored by a pair of matching shrubs at both ends and limited mostly to various shades of green and purple, this rain garden looks especially well planned. The colors contrast pleasantly with the blue house.

1. Salal
2. Pacific Ninebark
3. 'Ice Dance' Japanese Sedge
4. 'Autumn Joy' Sedum

Not Pictured:
5. 'Summer Wine' Ninebark
6. Slough Sedge
7. Idaho Fescue
8. Red-Hot Poker
9. 'Bumalda' Spiraea
10. 'Hidcote' English Lavender
11. Dwarf Mugo Pine
12. 'Moonshine' Yarrow
13. Tufted Hair Grass
14. Blue Fescue
15. Evergreen Huckleberry
16. Kinnikinnick or Bearberry
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