rain garden for playing and nibbling with plants notated
Photo: William Wright
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A Place to Play and Nibble

The homeowner wanted a garden where her young daughter could have fun poking around and finding a few berries to eat, so there are edible berries, billowing grasses, and no poisonous plants.

1. Mugo Pine
2. 'Ice Dance' Japanese Sedge
3. Coastal or Beach Strawberry
4. Blue Fescue
5. Tufted Hair Grass
6. Blue Oat Grass

Not Pictured:
7. Evergreen Huckleberry
8. Salal
9. Dagger-leaf or Sword-leaf Rush
10. 'Fireglow' Japanese Maple
11. Kelsey Dwarf Dogwood
12. 'Ice Dance' Japanese Sedge
13. Variegated Lily Turf
14. Black-eyed Susan
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