a backyard pond
Photo: Kolin Smith
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Where to Put It?

The location of a pond determines its health and your ability to enjoy it.

How much sun?
Ideally, ponds should receive sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon. This keeps the water cooler, discouraging algae blooms.

What about overhanging trees?
A tree's afternoon shade is welcome, but a pond directly under a tree's branches will quickly clog with leaves, seeds, or needles unless given constant maintenance. If a nearby tree is young, factor in its mature spread before settling on the pond's location.

How far from the house?
Ponds that are out of sight tend to get neglected. And if they're farther than 20 feet from your patio, you likely won't hear the gurgling of a waterfall or fountain.

What do the codes say?
Ask your local building department about how far a pond has to be set back from property lines. Where are the utility lines? Dial 811 to have their location marked. This is a free service.
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