dewalt impact driver
Photo: Bill Mazza
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DeWalt DC827KL

Price: About $265;

Our two cents: "Middle-of-the-road performance but with a comfortable grip."

Highlight: One-year free tool-service contract.

Test results: Drove seventy-four 4 ½-inch SDS screws on one charge. Drove a 6-inch SDS screw in 19 seconds. Drove a 2 ½-inch deck screw in 18 seconds. Drilled a ¾-inch hole in 4 seconds. Average recharge time: 55 minutes.

Tool stats: 3.7 pounds; maximum ipm: 2,700; maximum rpm: 2,400; maximum torque: 1,330 in.-lbs. Includes built-in LED, three-year-tool warranty; kit includes two 2.2Ah lithium-ion batteries.
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