Changing Cabinet Hardware Led to a Brand-New Kitchen and More

Who> Christine and Roger Olson
Where> Centennial, Colo.

One day Christine remarked that she didn't like the drawer pulls for our kitchen cabinets. That should have been my first clue that a massive project was about to begin. While shopping for new hardware, it dawned on us that our small kitchen was adjacent to a bright, airy dining room we hardly used. Why not get rid of it and create the bigger kitchen we'd always dreamed of?

So we embarked on a renovation. Our plans included new flooring that extended into the area where the staircase is, so it made sense to put up a new banister at the same time. Then the carpet in the adjacent family room looked worn out next to the new flooring, so we had it replaced. Though we had a few "what have we done?" moments, we soldiered on. With the help of a designer, a makeshift kitchen in the basement, and $60,000 in hard-earned cash, we finally completed our kitchen-plus renovation, transforming it from a cramped room to a great space for cooking and entertaining.
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