Tree Removal Led to a Curb-Appeal Overhaul

Who> Vinny and Mary Lou Maroney
Where> Rockland, Mass.

We hired a pro to remove a tree in our yard, which raccoons were scaling to get to our roof. While he was there, we casually mentioned that we eventually wanted to replace some bushes out front. Being a thoughtful, proactive type, our landscaper pulled them up for us, leaving our yard with gaping holes.

The barren facade led us to notice that some of the wood windows were rotting. Soon we were rushing to put in new ones while also planting new shrubs to make our house look presentable. This project took several weeks, and when we stepped back to admire the result, the siding started to look awfully shabby. What started as an offhand comment about bushes had us re-siding our entire house with cedar shingles.

It took us over two years to finish, painting trim and adding light fixtures along the way, but we're finally done. Well, except that we're scoping out a spot for a deck. Stay tuned.
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