New Appliance Led to a Whole New Second Story

Who> Andrea and Ryan J. Kragerud
Where> Longmont, Colo.

Our renovation began as a heated discussion over who should do the dishes: my wife or me. We finally agreed that what we really needed was a dishwasher. But getting one meant first recessing the fridge, which in turn meant losing the tub in the adjacent bathroom. Reducing the size of the bath in our one-bedroom home was not an option. What to do? Our answer: Add a second story and an entire basement. This plan required lifting the house so that the foundation could support the weight of the additions. Our daughter was born amidst the rubble, and now, after seven years of remodeling, we have five bedrooms, three baths, two dishwashers, and an incalculable quantity of DIY know-how.
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