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Photo: Casey Dunn
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Historic Beginnings

I grew up nearby in Hitchcock, but I'd never paid much attention to the property. Then one day, while driving by, I noticed a roadside marker. I stopped, read it, and thought, Oh, this is an interesting story about this Mr. Stringfellow. He was an internationally known horticulturist who tended orchards there. Little did I know that when I went down that overgrown drive, shaded with live oaks and towering pines, I'd fall in love with the place. As I walked around, I imagined raising my family there, adding our legacy to the house's history.

So we bought the house and its 9½ acres in December 2005 (most of the original parcel of land had been sold off years before). A gentleman from the Galveston Historical Foundation came out to give it the once-over. He said that beneath the dilapidated exterior, the home's bones were great.

Shown: The historical marker on the main road that first caught Samuel's attention and led him down the driveway.
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