"I built a high-end industrial-look headboard for less than 50 bucks!"

Who: Bill Kesler
Where: Atlanta

"My teenage daughter wanted her bedroom to have an "industrial" look, with lockers and lots of other metals. I thought about using stainless-steel boxes from Pottery Barn to make her a queen-size headboard, but they were $24 each. Each one was 12 by 12 inches, so it would have taken at least a dozen to do the job. Forget that. Instead, I bought a sheet of ½-inch plywood and covered it with aluminum roof flashing. Then I framed it and covered the seam with 1½-inch maple, fastened with sheet-metal screws. I hung it with a French cleat. The headboard cost less than $50 to build, so I saved a bunch of money. She likes it, and her friends admire the look."

What Bill Saved: $230
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