illustration of cracks in plaster wall repaired with photo prints of wall pattern for money saving reader remodel
Illustration: Mark Matcho
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"I patched the cracks in my plaster walls with a photograph."

Who: Anonymous (for a reason)
Where: Fairfield, Conn.

"Last year my wife and I started noticing some huge cracks growing in our plaster walls. We considered hiring a pro to come patch them. The problem was that the walls had been custom painted by a previous owner using some kind of sponging technique, so matching the pattern—not to mention the paint color—would have been a nightmare. Instead of calling in a plaster repairman and a decorative painter, we decided to take the cheap and easy way out. After taking a photograph of the patterned walls, I printed it up on our color printer, then cut the printout into long strips, which I attached to the walls with a glue stick. Both of us were shocked by how well it worked. You would never know that it's a coverup."

What Anonymous Saved: Around $65
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