"We transformed a piece of trash into a pot rack."

Who: Margie Sagneri
Where: Rochester, N.Y.

"After we bought our house, in 2008, we quickly discovered that the kitchen cabinets were not properly attached to the wall—to the extent that we were reluctant to use them. We did, and then realized there still wasn't enough storage space. Redoing the kitchen was our next big project, but we couldn't afford it yet. In the meantime, we still needed a way to organize all of our pots and pans. The solution came in the form of an old ladder we found lying on the side of the road. We cut the ladder down, and after some cleanup and a fresh coat of leftover paint, we hung it on the wall and used some old deck screws as hooks. It works perfectly well and gives our kitchen an old-timey feel that we both love."

What Margie Saved: About $85
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