"I used two old doors and a throwaway cabinet to create a posh home office."

Who: Robin Martin
Where: Manchester, Mich.

"I was in desperate need of more storage and workspace in my small home office, but I didn't want to spend too much on a new desk and cabinetry or shelving. Instead, I picked up some old doors and a used upper kitchen cabinet at a local salvage shop. With some help from my neighbors, we cut down one of the doors to create a desktop, then hinged another door beneath it to conceal some storage bins. It's great because the hinged door can be flipped up for additional workspace. The kitchen cabinet provides more storage, but we also turned it into an elegant window seat by attaching legs to the bottom, painting it, and topping it off with a padded seat covered with material we found at the Salvation Army store."

What Robin Saved: At least $328 What Tracy Saved: More than $2,000
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