A Garden to Share

Who> Angela Baker
Where> Portland, Oreg.
What> Grows produce for a non-profit serving struggling families.

I'd always been around gardens but never had a place to grow one of my own—till now. When I was a kid, I visited my grandparents in Indiana, where their entire yard was a vegetable garden. Looking back, it seems like my grandfather was the original urban homesteader.

After my husband, Casey, and I got married, I grew tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs on our apartment's balcony. By the time we'd had three children, we were renting a 725-square-foot house. As anyone with a large family can attest, making ends meet can be tough.

Shown: A mulch path leads to the front door; squash and beans are on the right and artichokes, tomatoes, and beets on the left. White daisies and purple dahlias enhance the home's curb appeal.
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