a dining room refurbished with Craftsman-style details
Photo: Ray Kachatorian

"We Went Craftsman Crazy"

Intent on adding more warmth to their California home, Dan and Joann Sundstrom turned to the Craftsman movement for inspiration. No wonder: With its emphasis on sturdy, down-to-earth design, the style makes any space cozy. In the couple's dining room, this comes through via leather-accented seating and a plush William Morris pattern rug; saffron-hued walls and a Tiffany-style pendant lamp (a yard-sale steal, at only $10) lend the room a golden glow. But the main attraction is the 7½-foot-long table that Dan, an avid woodworker, built from quarter-sawn white oak. "I picked up the design from a book of Stickley furniture plans," he says. He also made the room's molding and picture frames. Inspired? Here's how to create a similarly welcoming space.
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