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Who: Carol N.
Where: Edmond, Okla.

My husband removed the old kitchen, from the popcorn ceiling down to the bare concrete floors. A friend offered us his contractor's discount and selection of floor and backsplash tiles. Another friend built the half wall that divides the eating area from the living room. Another friend and his crew built the custom cupboards and floor moldings. Another friend and his crew did all of the tile work. And yet another friend put us in contact with one of his appliance dealers, who allowed us to purchase our stove at contractor's price. As one of his first customers, I was able to get a deal on new countertops. This is a kitchen filled with miracles, memories, and many wonderful stories.

Who did the work: I did some of the work myself, but a contractor did most of it.
Cost: $5,000 to $10,000
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