Roberta Evan's bathroom after remodel
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Best Comeback

Who: Roberta Evans
Where: Champlin, Minn.

Moxie Measure: When novice DIYer Roberta Evans began renovating her bathroom, she fell off a ladder and dislocated her shoulder. For most people, this would have put an end to their hands-on work. Not so for Roberta. After a year on the mend, the plucky 63-year-old set out to finish the job she started, demolishing an old linen closet, tearing out a vanity, removing tile, and obliterating an interior wall that separated the toilet and shower. "I moved all the plumbing from this spot to an inside wall," the intrepid renovator told us. Finally, she put up drywall, retiled the walls and floor, and installed a new shower, toilet, and vanity—this time without suffering so much as a scratch.
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