A 1928 Bath, True to Its Roots: Before

Who: Matt S.
Where: Tacoma, Wash.

This was our first remodel work to our 1928 bungalow that we just moved into in April of 2010. The old bathroom was horrible, with dark green tile, no storage, an old dingy oak cabinet, and an outdated squeaky whirlpool tub that we stubbed our toes on every time we got in or out due to its excessive height. Originally the idea was to move back one wall to allow an extra foot of room, and do cosmetic fixes to bring this bathroom back to its original splendor and simplicity with finishes that would have been in the house originally. As we were gutting and checking everything out, I discovered major problems with plumbing and electrical changes that were made by previous owners that left me no choice but to completely redo everything.
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